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For Shakespeare, Music is the food for love. But, for little ones, music is the soul of a party. Let alone kids, even people of all ages love to put their hairs down and dance on some pulsating beats. 

If you are planning to throw a party for kids, you must prepare a playlist well in advance. You need some very good and famous songs to keep these young notorious minds off any nuisance. 

Here, are a bunch of songs, famous among kids, to be included in your playlist for a dance party. 

Dance Party Music for Kids: 

  • Rain On Me:  

When the voice of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande will fill the air, kids won’t be able to their feet to themselves. This 80s powerhouse deserves a dance from all the guests. You have to keep the volume up to feel even the floor vibrating.

  • Thunder By Imagine Dragons:

This music band emits a different kind of energy through their songs. One of their songs that kids love these days is Thunder. The song has a lightning effect on the party. 

  • Party in The USA:

This 2009 song by Miley Cyrus has pop beats and her raspy voice. The song is infectious when mixed with low and colourful lights. 

  • Happy – Pharrell Williams

This song has a fast and catchy tune deemed righty for a party. It has clean lyrics and an enthusiastic voice of the singer. 

  • Shake it Off – Taylor Swift

The rhythmic reputation of the lines “That’s what people say, mm” makes it infectious and very easy to dance on. Swift has a way to attract her listeners to the dance floor.

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  • Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake.

This song is from the movie Trolls. A playlist is incomplete without a happy song. This song has the power to make any sad soul feel happy.

  • When Can I See You Again? By Owl City

A song with clean lyrics. This song starts with an energetic tune that reverberates through the hall creating excitement at the party. This song is all about stars and the sky, giving hope and motivating. 

  • Dynamite – BTS

This very famous K-Pop band, BTS is the love of many kids nowadays. How can you not include their world-famous song, Dynamite? Many people are crazy about this song.

  • Try Everything – by Shakira

Released in 2016 and featured in the movie Zootopia, makes a perfect song for kids to dance on. 

  • On The Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons

This band’s songs never fail to create magic They are known for their energy and kids will go gaga over this song’s beats.

Halloween Party Music for Kids:

When October arrives with the full blast of autumn, Kids are all over-excited for Halloween. The festival dedicated to ghosts and spirits excites kids to no end. Kids go around asking Treat or Trick to everyone around them. Arranging a Halloween Party for kids won’t be a bad idea. So here is the list of songs for this kind of party.

  • This Is Halloween from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

This song was released in 1993 by Danny Elfman. This song starts with melodious yet spooky beats giving a feel of opera. The steady and fast beats with rhyming lyrics create a creepy environment for Halloween. 

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  • Ghostbusters by Ray Parker, Jr.

With Party beats and haunted lyrics, it is a perfect song for a Halloween Party. Ray Parker Jr. created a masterpiece that is still famous. 

  • Spooky, Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold

This song has a funny tune and pop music. The lyrics are designed for Halloween and as spooky as the name suggests.

  • Under My Bed by Recess Monkey

This song has a rather happy tune and is a bit slow-paced. But that doesn’t stop it to be included in a Halloween Party Music.

Christmas Party Music for Kids:

A Christmas party for kids will include cold and frosty weather, delicious desserts, colourful decorations on Christmas Tree and some tasty food to feast on. But what’s missing is music! Sure, Jingle Bells and Silent Night are necessities to call Santa in the house. Here, is the list for Christmas Party Music for kids:

  • Raining Tacos (On Christmas Eve) by Parry Gripp

The song has disco beats and clean lyrics. It can be played while you are serving tacos.

  • I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Kacey Musgraves

This may be an annoying song for a few, but kids love to sing this song on Christmas.

  • All I Want For Christmas is You 

This Justine Bieber song needs no description. This song is played at every Christmas party and kids will probably know every word of the lyrics by heart.  

Links to Iconic Party Ideas:   

While the soul of a party is pulsating music, you cannot forget the decors and other requirements. Kids love for balloons is world known. 

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