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Birthdays are moments to cherish the joys of the little miracles you created.

First birthdays are not just mere birthday parties but rather these should be an occasion to celebrate the adorable personas your princesses have developed so far.

When it comes to girls’ first birthday party themes, some people like to keep it low-key while some want it to be extravagant.

It seems like a blink of an eye by the time the first birthday of your little munchkin approaches. It’s an incredibly beautiful moment of your life and even though your baby isn’t going to remember this day, it needs to go just right.

We are here just for that. We will be your guides in everything, from food to décor to invitations and location of your dreamy day, all the while ensuring to make it very personal and customize everything according to your wishes.

We have packed all the solutions for putting up your baby girl’s first birthday in this single blog and you just have to discover your calling.

Baby Girl First Birthday Theme Ideas:

Let’s see what you can do to adorn up the special day of your little princesses with pictures and websites to help you plan up the arrangements.

Get ready to dive straight into it.

  1. Unicorn:

Unicorns are becoming an elegant trend and that’s because of the dreamy look they give to parties. The cute little unicorns will give good company to your baby princess on her special day by keeping her busy with them.


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  1. Swings & Parks:

Swings are everyone’s favourite. Ask your baby girl “what’s better than a high-end party?” and you’ll hear “a low-key park eve”. Since you have your answer, decide whether you want to have it at a nearby park or in your backyard.


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  1. Ariel & Moana:

This is the best theme if you wish to be near the waters. You can have a pool party, a beach bash, a lakeside picnic with the fishes in the water, and seashells nearby.

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If you are confused about food, there’s nothing better than a tropical feast as it not only tastes delicious but also gives you the glow you need.


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  1. A Fairy Bliss:

Your journey of parenthood has been no less than a fairytale. A hard journey yet every moment was spent blissfully. So, why not a fairytale theme party for your princess? Bring fairies to your home and straight into the backyard, the ideal place to be with fairy magic.



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  1. Frozen & Snow White:

Make your baby girl a snow and ice babe with the frozen and snow-white theme. Adorn up your backyard with the seven dwarfs and an ice lake look for the ultimate princess vibe and set the tone of your party with royal hues of embellishment.


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  1. Alice in Pink Wonderland:

Let’s manipulate this theme and get your Alice in a pink wonderland with the pink forest, pink animals, pink tea, and just pink everything. A pink gradient food bar will go amazingly with the theme.

Take your pinks out of your closets and put them on for your pink wonderland eve with your pink people and your pink baby girl.


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  1. Hello Kitty & Dora:

This theme is something very old school for which you need to put some effort to pull this off the fancy way. And since your baby girl likes such a theme, you shouldn’t back off from trying these. Make up your mind, get a plan, and get things done.


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  1. Mickey Mouse Club House:

Welcome the most loved Disney show characters to your house and create a little Disneyland for your baby girl. Mickey & Minnie will never get old and out of fashion, be it for your baby or you, the parents.  


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  1. The Flower Girl Theme:

When your baby girl is a year old she’s just like a flower, beautiful, delicate, soft, and the most mesmerizing looking being.

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So let her be with the ones she resembles, among the flowers, in the garden. Host a vintage garden party or a vintage tea party in your garden the old-school way.


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  • A Cloud Ride:

Plan a magical journey to the clouds with this theme and pair it with a hot air balloon, rainbow, and heaven décor to make it even mystical.  For a “cloud ride” look, incorporate doves and Pegasus.


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  1. Among The Stars:

Stars are such shiny little wonders which make everyone fall in awe for them. Organize a star theme party and to add to this, include an artificial stargazing look at your party location for the most surreal experience.


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  • The Witch Hunt:

Get a little unique and plan a horror theme for the party. Themes like harry potter, witchcraft, and ghosts will be spooky and fun to experiment with.


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  • Memories:

Memories of their babies are the most loved, emotional, and intimate part of a parent’s life. Customize a polaroid of all the memories from this past year and the one before that too.

This is not just your daughter’s birthday party; it’s the celebration of your journey to parenthood as well.


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  • The Puppies & The Kittens:

Bring something the size of your baby to your house, puppies or kittens or both. Alternatively, you can plan a trip to a shelter, a petting zoo, or go for any other baby animal your baby girl loves.

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We are sure this will be the most amazing party you and your guests will ever have.


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Party Preparations:

We hope you have figured out which theme resonates with your baby girl the best and so let’s see how you can make the arrangements to ace up your girl’s first birthday theme.

Deserts & Cakes:

Party Arrangements:

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