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Monopoly has been a popular board game since time immemorial. Each one of us has spent our childhoods playing all kinds of board games, especially monopoly.

Monopoly parties are the best for board game lovers and a good idea to refresh the memories of childhood and take a dive into the pool of nostalgia with your friends and family. A monopoly theme party is a unique concept for a casual party and for people who prefer to avoid all that extra stuff of conventional parties.

If you have kids who are just addicted to their phones, tabs, PS games, and you want them to come out of that technological zone, this is the most unique way to pull that off. Monopoly is not an age-restrictive game but an amazing trivia concept.

We have dedicated this blog solely to assist you in putting up the ideal monopoly theme party. Be it for you, your kids, family, or friends, it needs to go just right (not perfect because it’s not a party if there’s no drama).

You will find this blog packed with ideas and suggestions to set your party mood to “WOW” for all your guests.

So follow up till the end to get tips on how to make this party a blast, and not miss any detail. Remember, a little detail never hurts anyone and everything detailed adds up to your fanciness.

It is always so much you can do to kink up your parties with party games, new activities, amazing treats, and lovely décor. Not just the party, you can even enhance your pre-party and post-party endeavours.

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Monopoly Theme Ideas:

Let’s see what you can do to adorn up the special day. We also have pictures and websites to cater to your arrangement needs.

Get ready to dive straight into it.

  • Real Life Monopoly:

If you like to go that extra mile and crave that perfection in things, we got the best for you. Set up a real-life monopoly game and get set to play with your guests.

You need to have a big place to pull this kind of an event off. We recommend you to get a good outdoor space as that may be a bit more accessible and budget-friendly. But if you are concerned about the weather and other factors, you can always book indoor spaces.

You can alternatively organize this at your residence too. If you have a handful of rooms and a good hall, there should be no problem at all. Couple this with light snacks, and you have a great party set up for yourself.


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  • Being Mr Monopoly:

What’s better than dressing as Mr. Monopoly himself in a monopoly theme party? You can make it the official dress code of your party or be the one to dress up like him.

To make this fun, people can put up mimes and acts to enhance the tone of the party. People can even dress up as different characters like a businessman, prisoner, etc. as per their liking. It would be a great view to get at a monopoly party and a great chance to analyze people’s personas.


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  • Pre-party & Post-party Endeavours:

It’s not just the responsibility of the party to gather all the charm of your audience. Start the excitement and end it with pre-and post- party lovelies too.

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For a pre-party, you need to have an alluring invitation that triggers thrilling sensations. You can do this with good quality creative printable. They make a good impression.

And for post-party, you can have adorable party favours for your guests. Detail your party favours with monopoly mini toys.

You can alternatively style them with confetti, ribbons, tickets, and personalized handkerchiefs.


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  • Monopoly Backdrops:

Backdrops are trendy props in parties nowadays, and parties are fun when they have trendy and relatable sections. Moreover, they are fun to get some amazing clicks for Instagram.

Get multiple monopoly photo booths with diverse designs and Mr. Monopoly to get pictures with. It is no less than living in a monopoly fantasy land.


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  • Nothing without Tickets:

Since it is a monopoly theme party, players have to abide by the rules and carry tickets for everything. But this is where it gets tricky the tickets will not be distributed but need to be earned in exchange for something. That something can be any fun or simple activity.

It is a great opportunity to get some performances out of people, get to know them, their talents, and be an amazing bonding experience.


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  • Musical Monopoly:

What good is a party without songs and dance? Organize a musical monopoly for your party if you want to have maximum participation and spectators.

You should customize a dance floor with monopoly wallpaper to get that real vibe. Now invite your gets on the dance floor to show some moves while they play the game of their lifetime.

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To say this monopoly theme party will be a blast is stating the obvious.


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  • Personalized Delicacies:

Now, this is something that is a must to have. Personalized drinks and delicacies add flavour to your party that will otherwise be raw and not that chic. Get food bars and drink stalls in your party to spice it up.

It is also a great solution if you can’t land upon a décor type or if “nothing suits you”. Minimalistic décor with printables, balloons, and a food bar is the single solution to all your arrangement problems.


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Party Arrangements:

We won’t leave you till you get done with everything for your party, and that’s why we have some amazing suggestions to get your party right.

Party Décor:

Choose your most loved textures and colours for your party. Mix and match to include everything.

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