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Whether you’re looking for a party idea for your kids’ baseball or soccer games, or just want to throw a fun Saturday afternoon party, these ideas are sure to be a hit.

For baseball, use team colors and baseballs to decorate.

For baseball games, use team colors to decorate. You can find baseballs and bats that match your team’s colors. If you want to be more creative, make paper bases out of construction paper or draw them with crayons. If you have enough people in your group, divide up into two teams and play “baseball” at the party!

If you’re having a party with kids who like soccer or football, follow these tips:

  • Purchase foam footballs or soccer balls online if they’re not readily available where you live.
  • Buy foam helmets for each player (they come in several sizes). They should be either plain white or black for this game; don’t worry about painting them yet, but it’s easier if all players have matching helmets since no one will be able to see their faces!

For soccer, use soccer balls, cleats, and green grass.

To set a space for soccer, you need to use soccer balls and cleats. You can also use green grass. It’s also fun to incorporate a soccer ball as a centerpiece or table decoration.

For basketball, have a sports theme with colors from your favorite team.

  • Use basketballs, nets, and hoops.
  • Hang up team jerseys.
  • Have a dunking contest, three-point contest, free throw contest or half-court contest. If you’re feeling ambitious and you want the game to be more complicated, you could also have a shooting contest where players shoot from various spots around the court (e.g., close shots at one end of the floor; three-pointers at another).
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For football, use the colors of your favorite team to decorate.

For football, use the colors of your favorite team to decorate. You can use footballs, jerseys, helmets, and cleats.

You can also use other football field decorations.

Decorate food in the colors of your favorite team (or have it be a general theme). If you are having a cake at the party have a cake that is shaped like a football field or something related to sports. Or have an entire buffet of foods that are themed around football! We love pizza and wings but this could include fruit cups with watermelon slices cut into “footballs” or even peanut butter balls wrapped up in wax paper with toothpicks sticking out for “footballs”. We’ve had great success making these ourselves before!

Have fun taking pictures at each station – we suggest setting up photo ops beforehand so guests know where they go when they arrive at the party.  You could do this by creating signs that say things like “Take me to `The End Zone`” or “Have an `Offensive Play`”. This way people will know what they’re supposed to do when they get there!

For hockey, use the colors of your favorite team to decorate.

  • Use the colors of your favorite hockey team to decorate.
  • Print out pictures of hockey players and hang them around the house.
  • Get a puck and add some tape so it looks like a puck on ice. You could also use a large beach ball instead of a puck or both if you have enough space!
  • If you have access to an ice rink, get some pucks and have each player try to score one in the net (a garbage can will work) without using their hands; this is called “shinny”.
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you can have a great time at a party for any sport!

You can have a great time at a party for any sport.

If you have a favorite team, try to use their colors as inspiration for your decorations and food.

Planning a sports party? Make sure to include plenty of fun activities, like playing games or watching sports on TV together.

Sports parties are great because they help bring people together who may not see each other very often during the week. You’d be surprised how many friends you’ll make when all your guests are there just to celebrate the game!


If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate your sports team, try one of these ideas. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are or how good they are at their sport—everyone can have a great time at a sports party!

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