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Birthdays are joyful occasions and are celebrated across the globe.

When it comes to birthday party themes for baby girls, we get a picture of décor in shades of pink, deserts of strawberry and vanilla and everybody dressed in pink to match with the theme.

But it’s not the only popular theme now. People are now open to having birthday party themes in a variety of styles and like to give a little edge to it to best suit their tastes and either matches the personality of their growing daughters or just be dramatic.

When it comes to birthday party themes for girls, some people like to keep it simple; some like it to stand out. Here are some ideas for you if you’re thinking or have already decided to have a nice theme party. They can be made simple or complex based on what you like to include.

Birthday Party Themes for Baby Girls: 

Let’s see what all people can do to kick up their preparation for the birthday of their little princesses with pictures and websites to help you with the arrangements. We’ll see some age-old and then the new trendy and unique ways to celebrate the occasion. 

  • Princess: 

Daughters are their father’s princesses so this can be a father’s way to really see their daughters like real princesses. Making the décor and arrangements like the interior of a medieval castle or just fancy, all the while their baby girls dressed as a princess can never go wrong. It can be Cinderella, Mermaid, Snow White, Frozen or Moana theme party.

  • Barbie Dolls & Toys:

Barbie dolls are one of the favourite toys of girls and so you can do the same theme and toy themes like hello kitty, Dora, teddy bear, doremon, baby shark, Winnie the pooh according to your girl’s favourite will make them laugh and so happy.


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  • Disneyland:

Disney characters give is a cute theme for girls. Minnie mouse and mickey mouse themes are very common but never get old. Other themes can also be tinker bell, peter pan, captain hook or jake and the neverland pirates.


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  • Candy and Chocolates:

People dressed as candy and chocolates can be a very good idea if your baby girl has an irresistible love for them.


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  • Carnivals & Fairs:

This is for the curious ones who love to see new things and they make them laugh. A carnival theme is best suited for them. They can be organised in the backyard with games, a magician, a circus clowns, etc. with candy floss.


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  • Woodland Creatures & Animals:

Babies love animals and woodland creatures. This theme has a lot of scopes and is for “the wild ones” to justify “in a field of roses, she is a wildflower. Theme can be a jungle-based or one of these – unicorn, butterfly, bunny, ladybug, peacock, lioness, monkey, swan, baby animals, birds, etc.


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  • Cosmic:

A celestial theme or just moon and star theme party for the moon of your life and night can be the best night birthday party.


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  • Adventure land:

Adventure land themes are best for big backyards and slides and games can be a big blast and fun for all the kids and parents as well, especially dads.


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  • Floral:

The floral theme is many people’s personal favourite. It gave an elegant, classy and chic look. It can include garden and flowers like daisies, sunflowers, roses, jasmine, etc.


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  • The 90s Disco Fashion:

The retro theme never gets old and is just amazing to have. With polka dots and corsets, hats and glasses, one can simply ace it.


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  • Ballerina:

Kids look adorable in tutu skirts and buns. This is a fantastic choice for your future ballerinas.


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  • Popstars:

Dressing your little girl like a pop star is so cool and won’t go out of fashion. This is best for those who want to give a chic look to the party and their girls.


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  • Monochromatic:

This is one of the trendiest themes to go with when it comes to a birthday party. This is not an age or occasion restricted theme but will go every time.


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  • Deserts & Ice Creams:

Birthday parties are all about deserts and making this the theme makes the party wonderland for the kids. The pop-out feature can be people dressed as doughnuts, cupcakes, berries, ice creams, etc


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  • Fairy tale:

Baby girls love fairy tales and wish them to be their real life. While this can’t come true but you can make it almost true on her day. Fairy dressed girls are the prettiest.


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  • Rainbow and cloud theme pool party:

Pool parties are the best for kids. They absolutely love water. Accompanying it with bubbles, rainbows and rain will give the perfect look.


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  • Robots:

This can be the most desired choice of parents who are a lot into technology. This will give them an opportunity to have their own personal robot but it won’t really obey them. And instead, they’ll have to take care of the robot.


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  • Superheroes:

Here comes the best part. This has a lot of potentials. Themes can be Wonder woman, Marvel stars, DC stars, etc. they can also be power rangers or power puff girls.


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  • Shimmer:

Babies and especially girls love shimmer so making things shimmery would be fantastic and lovely. It will be amazing for night birthday parties.


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  • Aesthetic:

“Aesthetic is concerning with art and beauty.” This is your opportunity to create something out of scratch, mix and match, and make a little blast out of it. One choice can be euphoria theme party.


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  • Sporty:

Baby girls are not girly all the time but are amazing in sports too. This could be a start party for your future sports star.


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By now, you must have decided your theme and so let’s see how you can make the arrangements. If you have a good enough budget you should get a party planner. If you wish to do it all by yourself, then we have some suggestions for you.

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