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Party Games are always an amazing idea to fill your party with laughter, fun, and some incredible memories. An awesome party game is always liked by everyone.

There are thousands of party games that can suit all kinds of age groups and guest lists. So, don’t forget to add these great games to your list.

Let’s keep your guests entertained with these amazing party games.

10 Party Games Idea: 

While choosing a game it is important to keep in mind who your guests are. Here are some amazing party games for all kinds of people.

  • Saran Wrap Game

This game needs a little bit of pre-preparation, start by getting a plastic bag and some goodies. Put the goodies and start wrapping the plastic, add one in each layer till the end. Now, give this wrap to one person and two dice to another, the one plastic bag starts to unroll it and get the goodies thill the person with dices roll double.  


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  • Never Have I Ever

In this game, a person says something they have never done, “Never Have I Ever…” and people who have done it before have to raise a finger. It continues till one person has three fingers up: They are out of the game.



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  • Musical Chair

We all have played musical chairs at least once, well it is a popular party game. Chairs are set in a circle and one designated person plays the music. When the music starts all players circle the chairs and as the music stops they have to sit on the nearest one. The person standing is out of the game. After every round remove one chair.


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  • Two Truths and a Lie

In this game, a person says two truths about themselves and a lie, and the rest of the players have to guess which statement is the lie, and then the next person goes with their statement.


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  • Charades

Divide the players into two groups. A person from one group gets a name of the movie or a person from another group, and he acts it out so that people of his group can recognize the game.


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Christmas Party Games

  • Christmas Carol Pictionary

Make a deck of cards with the name of a Christmas carol name on it and divide the players into two groups. A person from one group picks a card up and gets one minute to draw it on the board, if his teammates guess it right they get a point.


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  • Stocking Guessing Game 

Put some gifts in stockings and tie them with string so that no one can peek in them. Give the stocking to people to guess the gift, if they guess it right they win the gift.


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  • Ornament Guess 

Give your guests a piece of paper and ask them to guess the number of ornaments on your Christmas tree. The person who guesses it right wins your prize.


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  • Christmas Movie Drinking Game

Choose your favourite Christmas movie and play it on TV. Write out all the rules of the movie and when these rules occur everybody drinks. It is a perfect Christmas party game for adults.


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  • Blind Christmas Tree Ripping

Give your guest a green craft and ask them to make a Christmas tree while they are blindfolded, whoever makes the most beautiful tree winds the game.


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Party Games Suppliers: 

For conducting a party game you need supplies, here are some links to get your party supplies.

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